Invisalign Chewies: Orthodontic Appliance to Close Teeth Gap

There are many people who have misaligned teeth and in order to fix the crookedness and to bring back the teeth in place, people for Invisalign Braces. But getting this type of braces alone won't help to fix the dental problem of yours and there is a long road to travel. Soon after getting the braces, the orthodontist of yours would advise you to get Invisalign Chewies. It is a soft spongy substance made of Styrene Copolymer which is indeed a plastic like material and has an appearance like cotton or gauze. The main purpose of this substance is to minimize the gaps between the teeth of yours and that of the aligners.

When anyone starts wearing new set of aligners for Invisalign Braces, they are very tight in nature and hence it is ill-fitting. To make the aligners fit into completely, the need of Invisalign Chewies arises. One would have to keep chewing it which in turn would allow the trays and aligners to fit tightly and perfectly on the teeth and jaws. The people concerned need to chew it at least for a time period of 5 minutes everyday especially during night time before going to sleep. Not only teeth gaps are minimized but people are also able to move their teeth freely without a lot of effort.

Invisalign Chewies are available in a wide shades of color options like red, green, blue, orange, yellow, black etc. It is available in scented and unscented forms with various flavors like spicy, sugary, salty, sour etc. One needs to remember that it should not be used again after it has been chewed once. It is not re-usable and one needs to consume a fresh piece of Invisalign Chewies everyday. One needs to know that these chewies are not manufactured by the company that offers the Invisalign Braces. One would have to get them ordered either from their concerned orthodontist or from any health shops in their city.

So if you have got Invisalign Braces for yourself and think that the aligners are very tight, then get yourself Invisalign Chewies that would help in getting the aligners properly adjusted to the teeth jaws.